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The primary art form of Iran has long been poetry. Katayoun Goudarzi has been a serious student of this rich tradition over the past three decades. Her performance and recording credits include collaboration with the master of Indian Sitar Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan, saxophonist and composer Tim Ries [of the Rolling Stones], jazz pianist and composer Kevin Hays, percussionist and arranger Satoshi Takeishi, Kamancheh player Imamyar Hasanov, composer and Tar & Setar player Ustad Majid Derakhshani and Reza Derakhshani, Ney player Shaho Andalibi, Oud player Arman Sigarchi, Tabla artists Abhiman Kaushal and Yogesh Samsi, Bass guitarist Karl Peters, and percussionist Karsh Kale.
Will You?

Will You? – latest release


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